About Us

Patricia Anne Bednarski
Matthew Michael Hamel

            Matthew Hamel (soon to be Reardon again) is a 31 year old computer guru of sorts.  If you have a question, a problem, program, or website that you need help on, give him a call.  Patti (don’t you dare call her Patricia) Bednarski is a 24 year old customer service representative for TeleCheck.  Together we enjoy going to the movies, getting to concerts whenever a decent band comes to town, spending time with our families, and just simply spending time together with our puppy, Monkey.  In addition to planning our amazing wedding, we have decided to take on the Herculean task of finding our first house together.  We will be posting pictures of our house (if we can ever find a house that we both like and can afford), as soon as we have it.  We designed this site to help our loved ones from across the country to keep updated with wedding plans, so KEEP CHECKING BACK.

How We Met

            It was the Fourth of July, 2000.  There was a party at somebody’s house that neither of us knew, but we both somehow ended up there.  Patti was sitting on the front porch of the house, playing with those giant sparklers that seem to last forever, when Matt came up and sat down beside her.  He was drinking and she was sober, as she was the designated driver.  He introduced himself and we talked for a few minutes until he found out where the beer was; he abandoned her for the alcohol.  He returned shortly, only to introduce himself again, endearing him to her forever.  A few weeks later, we ran into each other again at one of our mutual hangouts, Barbarellas.  We were both heading to the ill-fated after hours club, Sol Ray’s, so we said we would see each other there.  After a short time, we hooked back up at Sol Ray’s, and we were inseparable until 10a.m. the next morning.  And every day since then, we have made a special effort to talk at least on the phone.